Celebrity Gossip


Okay so I know everyone LOVES to hear about the latest celebrity gossip. I have to admit that I find myself drawn to the TV when ever something is going on. Why is that? All I ever end up doing is getting all upset about the stupid things they do. Really though, they do all the same things that normal everyday people do. I mean you can’t say you don’t know at least one or two people who have drove under the influence, are pad parents, drink before the age of 21, smoke more then cigarettes, and on and on and on…….. My point is why do we spend so much time worrying about what those people do when we could pay attention to our friends and family who really need the attention. I mean if any judge  gives custody to parents like Britney Spears or K Fed then what has the world come to?? Those poor kids. Another thing that really gets me upset is how these celebrities are all of a sudden adopting children. Sure it’s great that these children are getting a home, but are they really going to be loved?? I question this because it use to be that getting a little lap dog was the “IN” thing but now it seems to be the “IN” thing to adopt a baby. What happens when they get sick of the children they adopt? Well that is all I’m going to say about this situation but let me know what you think.



~ by qtpie200251503 on October 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Celebrity Gossip”

  1. you love Gossip, then??

  2. Yes I do Love GOSSIP!! But the reson I wrote it is because I don’t understand Why? Why are we so obsessed with it? I will never understand why it always catches my attention when it shouldn’t but oh well!!

    Jody (editor of site)

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