Child predators and Murderers


 This subject is very touchy for me because I have two small children. I don’t and will never understand what goes through  these sick peoples minds.

 In John Coueys case he murdered a sweet little 9 year old girl, Jessica Lunsford. He took her form her bedroom, sexually abused her, hid her in a closet, then tied her hands up, put her in a garbage bag and buried her alive. It’s beyond words to think about what Jessica went through. I don’t know what to say…… This man, John Couey, is a sick twisted man!

I truly hope this man is sent straight to HELL!! What makes me even more angry is the fact that John Couey was a predator long before he took Jessicas life. But the question is why was he allowed the chance to hurt again?? He lived right across the road from the Lunsford family. Why did no one know that he shouldn’t have been that close to a child? We need stricter laws and better tracking systems for people like this!!!!

jessica-l.jpg To this sweet young girls family, I hope you have found some way to live with your loss. I know as a mother, the pain will never go away. But my prayers are with you !


 In John Mark Karrs case he just decided to claim to sexually abusing and murdering Jonbenet Ramsey. I can’t in any way wrap my mind around this one. Obviously he has a few screws loose to think the way he does. Why would you want to be the one to commit these terrible crimes? Why would you want people to think you did it? It’s almost like he got off on the very thought and details of her murder. And of all things before he claimed all these things he was working with children. Who knows what he might have or has done to them. You know I don’t care if he didn’t really do it. How in the world is he a free man today?? What does it take for a sick person like John Mark Karr and John Couey to be put away. I guess it takes gruesome murders like Jonbenet and Jessica for a person to go to prison. If John Mark Karr should commit murder, abuse, or conflict any pain on any person we can only blame our laws. I hope one day someone comes forward that he has really hurt and puts him away forever!!

jonbenet-ramsey.jpg To the Ramsey family I hope your nightmares of your daughters death have begun to fade and I hope you only dream of her beautiful happy face. My prayers and thoughts are with you!

 I know these events happened some time ago but I wanted to take a minute to remember these little girls. The men who did these things are now recognized for what they have done, but remember the faces we don’t know are the ones we have to watch out for! Please keep your children close to you always! And if you have any suspicions that a person might be doing wrong dial your local emergency number!



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