The war in IRAQ

Okay I am a military spouse so I have a lot of opinions on the WAR in IRAQ. Let me say this, I HATE everything about it! I do feel that Saddem Hussein deserved everything he got! Actually he should be lucky he was hung! I feel that sick people like him shouldn’t get the luxury of death. They should have to suffer as rats in a tiny cage for the rest of their lives!! As for the rest of whats happening every day in Iraq, I think it’s pointless!! I mean seriously what do people think is going to happen over there?? Even if we get things all perfect years form now, as soon as we leave it will all go down the drain. This war is about much more then power over THINGS. It’s about religion, and it has been for many many years!! I don’t see a war over religion ending anytime soon. Religion to a lot of people is like water, they have to have it! So in my opinion to many men and women have died for something that Americans can’t control!! Until the day everyone can live in a multi- religious community and GET ALONG this war will NEVER end!

Until are men and wemon come home from that place all we can do is continue you to support what they are trying had to do everyday, win a endless war.




~ by qtpie200251503 on October 21, 2007.

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